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Software for improving the performance of Nvidia graphic cards
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Guest I don't have a nVidia graphics card. I have ATI Radeon. Will that work?

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Cyrus Hi,
I upgraded to Win7 and found that HP ImageZone is not compatible, so downloaded the HP Photosmart Essentials which is supposed to be the new replacement.
Sorry guys, it is a massive dissappointment - in no way can it replace the photo editing abilities of the original ImageZone. It may be ok for some 10-15 year olds!
I cannot beleive HP can be so unprofessional.

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Skyrunner Nice Feature.
More realistic Effects in the supported Games.

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Guest The Ageia name has now been retired by Nvidea.
This software (as far as I know) allows the CUDA chip on a graphics card to carry out some of the time consuming processing that would normally be done by the CPU.
It does not need an Nvidea graphics card to run.

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Guest I'm not sure if i'm a 100% correct, but i've heard nvidia has integrated most of their technology on to most their newer cards.

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Guest Here's a better link:

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Scott E. Hubmer

Scott E. Hubmer

I dont get it! What good id the notification if the link you get goes know were at all. Look for your self

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Guest this is because nvidia have brought out ageia obviously

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